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Born and raised in Stockton, CA, Geraldine McCrabb-Price-Radich, has served the California education system, as a teacher and psychologist, for 40 years. She met Michael Radich in 1985. Until then, her culinary experience was limited to a first prize for her pumpkin pie in the 1965 Utah State Fair. Her love of baking, her taste for the food business and her competitive spirit were born that year in Utah. She entered many contests over the years, but it was Michael who really got her started in a serious food business. It was 1989 when Geraldine and Michael established their presence in contract food packaging. Geraldine, a scientist at heart, never claimed to be a good cook, but loved creating formulas for sauces to help other people cook well. It's all about helping people she will say. Whether it's making strides in education, or inspiring a customer with a creation in the kitchen, she feels great pleasure helping anyone to accomplish their goals.

Following Michael's death Geraldine returned to education. She still manages to run the company and teaches three days a week. The passion and exuberance she feels for people and her business live on.

In memory of Michael Radich

1942 - 2003

Mike Radich

Michael S. Radich was a designer and builder for most of his professional career. However, in 1989 he revived the Radich BOR-DO-LAY business and moved it to a manufacturing plant in South Sacramento. In 2000 Michael was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He passed away in February of 2003 of Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma. In memory, a 2% donation on net proceeds for every bottle sold, will be given to the Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma Foundation and research center. It is our hope and desire that this disease will be conquered for all.

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